Teardrop Speckle Necklace

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Jamie L

Impressed by the qualitybeing so affordable I was worried, but it's just a good deal! Not cheap quality.


Love the dainty look of the jewelry! The resizable rings are a nice touch and would definitely wear these for a soft look. Would love to see more styles like alternative become available.

Kaley Garman
Absolutely love it!!!!

I received my first order and I honestly love it. I can't believe how perfect it was for me. I have always been fascinated by the stars and I spend time every clear night just looking up, amazed at what is and could be out there. When I was growing up, I used to use the same glow in the dark stars the designer talked about putting up for her children. I even have a shooting star tattoo on my back, I got it the day I turned 18. Stars have always been a part of my life and the fact that the order I received was so perfect for me really was incredible.

I love the packaging, simple yet elegant, and I love the design of the necklace, allowing me the ability to wear it at different lengths without having the long string of jump rings at the end. I think it's a much classier design.

The jewelry seems to be of great quality; it has weight to it, which always makes me feel more confident in it's longevity. The items don't match perfectly like some sets you might find out there, but that's what I love about it. It's perfectly imperfect. It matches enough to know they go together and I can't wait to wear them!

The best.

Everything I have recieved within the past 4 months have been so AWESOME. I really recommend this small business. They will communicate with you whenever needed. And they are actually here for you. I love every piece of jewelry I have received so far.

Audrey Carl
Mint mongoose jewlery

Very nice jewlery. Wasn't disappointed with anything so far . Love that there is a meaning behind it. Want to purchase the moon set but have till next time can't wait.

I'm addicted!!

I love all the pieces so much that I've quickly become addicted...to the monthly subscription pieces, and all of the extra goodies Mintmongoose comes up with. And you just can't beat the price, given the quality and designs!!