Reversible Owl/Starry Night Necklace

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Brit C.
Ditch the paparazzi and get mintmongoose

I use to be a paparazzi addict and after literally spending $50 plus a week on paparazzi , I realized real fast that is was a waste of my husband's hard earned money. I was so happy to get the paparazzi packages in the mail. I loved looking at all the jewelry hanging up on my jewellery organizer. I started wearing the pieces every day and each day I was left heart broken because a piece would break or fade or discolor. My beautiful full jewelry organizer was getting bare. I had stopped buying paparazzi and then a friend told me about mintmongoose . I was little hmmm I am not sure at first. Then I talked with my husband and he said get 1 box. Wear it a week and if you still can wear it you can keep the subscription. I got my first box and it was so beautiful. I was excited about the the beautiful packaging. I opened the box carefully. It had a beautiful mint green colored ribbon and a little wax pendant. It was so pretty. I unwrapped each piece and it was all so beautiful. I got a beautiful rose gold colored necklace with blue gems, a pair of earrings to match and a cute little rose gold ring to match. I love it all and almost 2 weeks later I still can wear the jewelry. It's still as nice as when I received it. The owner is so nice as well....

Nick Amaral
Made with care

I've loved most of the items so far. They're generally very dainty. The stories are cool as well.

Jumoke Makinde

I love my earrings and necklaces which I have received so far. They are unique and I am excited every time I get them. I love the cards that come with them too.

Susan Thornton
Love it all

Loved all the jewelry. Great pieces. Thank you.


I absolutely loved my jewelry! It was beautiful and I loved the message that went along with it. I also love the story behind this business. I'm proud to be supporting this business.

Roxi Carlberg
First package

I absolutely loved it! And the candy! I can't wait for my next 1!

My first pieces!!

I loved my first pieces!! Absolutely loved the presentation and the cards explaining inspiration for the pieces!! I am looking forward to my next package!! So simple and elegant!

Compliments Galore!

I can't believe how many compliments I receive on my Mintmongoose pieces. I even had a jeweler tell me how pretty one of my rose gold necklaces was when I went in with my daughter to have her new engagement ring appraised. Great work Mintmongoose designers!

Amber Counterman
Loved it

I got my first package and not only did I love it so did my kids. Luckily it had 3 items in it so we could all wear one! Thank you so much