*About Us*

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We are a company founded on the idea that if you are letting things into your life, they have a responsibility to contribute value, and actually mean something.

Hi. I'm Helena.

I'm a 30-year-old gal from California, mom of three little ones, wife, dog-mom, cat-mom, jiujitsu-lover, Jesus-freak, and lover of a good belly laugh.

In addition to Emma, Emerson, and Emmett beingmy motivation in life, they provide inspiration for most of the monthly jewelry sets we release here at mintMONGOOSE!

I partner the adventures I go on with my kiddos with customer feedback and requests to create classy pieces perfect for everyday living, the office, the classroom, or any adventure ahead of you.

These meaningful sets can easily be dressed up, or down, and provide just the right amount of bling for women from all walks of life.

We design, create, wrap, and hand seal (yes -- those awesome wax seals you see on Pinterest) each and every batch of goodies that travels through our doors out to wonderful women across the world!

We are absolutely thrilled that we get to send boxes all around the world, to amazing women who trust us to send them their new favs.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

<3 Helena