Reminded Her of Her Happiest Moments in Life

🎁 Tug at her heartstrings with the perfect gift to help her start every day on a positive note by reminding her of her favorite things about life!

Fill your wife's jewelry collection with monthly sets that actually bring her joy (because they're inspired by true stories that remind her of her stories)! ❤️

Why it Matters

Jewelry has long been associated with sentimental value, but the fusion of storytelling and jewelry design present through the Monthly Jewelry Club creates a unique experience that brings the highlights of her life rushing back to her in a way traditional jewelry can't compete with.

What's the Difference

Every jewelry set is released by a mom of 4 who designs each set based on a true story and every aspect of the pieces with intention.. from the color of the gem, to the chain design, to the position of the elements in relation to one another - nothing is by accident.

The result is beautiful pieces representing much deeper aspects of life than the traditional, generic "pretty" pieces found in department stores.

Ditch the Department Store Same-Old-Same-Old

Unlike traditional jewelry which generally only holds special meaning because of the person who gifted it, or timing of the gift...

pieces from the Monthly Jewelry Club hold a tangible, visual representation of the things that matter most to your wife.

Things like specific memories from your love story and life with her...

the little things your kids do...

a relative who means the world to her...

and a time in life when she showed just how tough she is...

are all worthy of having a special spot in her jewelry collection.

This is how to give that to her, effortlessly!

Pick her first set for just $5!